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Published Nov 22, 21
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Then use a marker to put an X on both sides of every battery that has actually failed so you understand what batteries that you require to get rid of. If there are cells that are physically damaged or severely corroded you might wish to stop what you're doing and just send the pack away to be recycled.

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Where the nickel plate links the cells to the rest of the pack you will require to cut those plates away before you can carefully get rid of the bad cells. Before you begin cutting I suggest you take a bunch of photos of the pack from both sides in case you forget how you require to configure the nickel plates on the replacement cells.

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If you cut all the tabs on one side the cells need to move toward the other side and after that will slide out of the pack easily (bosch e bike akku reparatur). Take your time and do not require anything. When the cells are removed then it is time to thoroughly get rid of the spot welded nickel plates.

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Do not toss the old Lithium cells in the garbage, you should take them to any home supply shop to recycle them. There is generally a bag to throw them in by the entrance. It is versus the law in NYS to throw away recyclable cells of any kind, they need to be recycled - bosch fahrrad akkuLE1636967698217565.

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I changed the bad 26F cells with 25R cells. If you selected to change batteries in your pack with a different type of lithium battery (not recommended) you ought to utilize packs that are similar in capacity and power ability as the cells you are replacing. I utilized 25R cells since it was what was simple for me to get my hands on and they just have 100Ma, H more capability than the 26F cells.

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If you shop cells from alibaba or ebay then it's buyer beware. The market is flooded with phony cells and Eric purchases his cells thousands at a time directly from the factories that make them. Before you put all the cells in the new pack ensure they are all at about the same voltage.

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1 volt of each other. Anymore distinction than that then you are going to immediately match the cells when you bonded them together and it could be bad for you. If the cells run out whack then charge them all so they are at about the exact same voltage before you begin putting the pack together.

Tips For Kws Seurens

You can pay more, however why would you wish to? The next thing you require is a welder and some nickel strips. I could compose an entire book about choosing the best welder and nickel strips however I'll it would be quite uninteresting and nobody would purchase it. I purchased this low-cost spot welder from ebay for $123 and I need to state it seems to work simply fine.

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The only issue I had is that the contacts for welding don't come out that far from the unit so you're just going to have the ability to weld batteries two deep. bosch fahrrad akkuLE1636967698217565. That means that you loads can't be any bigger then four cells deep or you won't be able to weld the cells in the middle.

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To utilize the welder simply increase the present till you get welds that hold. I had to put mine as much as 70, but it will vary depending upon the welder, the density of the strips and whether they are nickel or steel with nickel plating. Sourcing nickel strips is a royal annoyance.

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